Thursday, June 14, 2012

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School Address:
House no - 1266, 
MIG Phase 1 ,BHEL,
R.C.Puram, Hyderabad
64634449, 9849523468

Saturday, January 14, 2012


At Blue Bird play school, children are exposed to basic pre-school activities which will help them to be independent faster. Many play schools use the common household items for learning. When they use carrots or beetroots for slicing, they learn that their mothers spend a lot of time for this activity at home. Children enjoy making chapatti balls and spreading them. They learn to hold the pencil properly between the fingers.

Children learn the basic etiquettes in a play school. The schools use small cups and trays to make the children understand that when they give tea to the guests, they should smile and do this. Other basic manners like how to greet people, manners when they talk with others, how to respect their elders are also learned by the children in play schools. Children will also learn to share toys with their friends, eat food for themselves and identify their possessions.


Blue Bird Play School is a home after home which provides a cosy atmosphere for every child. Our aim is to inject knowledge into children through fun filled activities like Arts and Crafts, music, dance, dramas, storytelling, coloring, counting the blocks etc… through these activities, we try to develop an excellent physical and mental correlation. Activity based learning is the ultimate concept and specialty of Blue Bird play school.

Why Blue Bird Play School:

Blue Bird Play school provides a safe and stimulating environment where children can begin to explore the world around them. We aim to provide a happy, caring, secure and supportive environment for each child where everyone can feel wanted, valued and important while becoming increasingly appreciative and respectful of the thoughts and feeling of others. The children are supported in the formation of good relationships, positive attitudes, social behavior and self-disciplined and are helped to develop an understanding of different cultures and customs.

Our Mission

Blue Bird Play School is a school where curriculum reflects the most current educational research and is designed to assure the development of all skills necessary for students’ future school success.
Our number one goal to provide the kind of environment and the kind of influences that encourage all children to become. creative, independent, responsible, self-directed adults who can make decisions for themselves.
  • To increase independence and self-confidence.
  • To develop speaking and listening skills.
  • To learn to acquire information about the world around them.
  • To organize their thought processes.

Our Vision:

Our children are the center everything we do, by nurturing confidence we make most of the opportunities, embrace challenges, develop skills and achieve high standards, we promote respect, value differences and encourage our children to be honest, independent successful members of our school and the wider community

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We believe each child has a unique and individual personality.  We value these aspects of their personalities and encourage each child to fully develop their own unique personality through socialization, play and exploration.  We also believe that a safe and nurturing environment is crucial to have a child express themselves.

School Address:
House no - 1266, 
MIG Phase 1 ,BHEL,
R.C.Puram, Hyderabad
64634449, 9849523468